バズィンガー Buzzinger【チューバ用抵抗調節機能付き練習器具】

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用途 : チューバ用練習器具
シャンク規格:ユニバーサルシャンク (Φ13.21, 5/100)
器具側レシーバー規格:B&S MRP-Cのレシーバーから測定 (φ15.00, 5/100)
生産国 : 日本
監修 : チューバサダーズ


A new product produced by Tubassadors is available now.
This practice tool named Buzzinger can be used in two ways., and it is packed with the thought, "I've always wanted a practice tool like this."
[How to use ①]
It is used by attaching it between the instrument and the mouthpiece. By turning the screw to adjust the size of the air hole, you can practice while adjusting the amount of leaking breath. By cultivating the sense of using your breath firmly without wasting effort, you can train to create pitches in the natural flow of your breath. By playing the instrument naturally with a clear concept of sound, you can expect to get a sense of playing with a clear sense of pitch.
It does not mean that the larger the air holes are the more effective. But by practicing steplessly adjusting the air hole between completely closed and open, the training will naturally fit into your usual playing style.

[How to use ②]
By attaching the silicon cap to the shank side, it can be used as a mouthpiece buzzing practice device. In this case, first practice with the air hole fully open. If you make the air hole smaller, the resistance will be considerably stronger, but in this case, you can train to breathe through the center of the sound in a relaxed state, rather than trying to blow with force. Buzzing practice with the mouthpiece alone is also highly effective, but the low resistance makes it a little more difficult to practice in the low range. After getting the hang of it, it is more effective to practice with the mouthpiece alone.

In addition to daily warm-ups, it will be highly effective if you practice phrases that you are not good at or phrases that are out of tune due to many accidentals while checking the pitch with Bazinger and the piano.

【please note】
Basically, it is designed so that it can be used with any tuba, but even if the instrument is from the same manufacturer, there may be slight differences depending on the time of year, so there may be some rattling depending on the instrument.
The side where the mouthpiece is inserted is designed so that basically any mouthpiece can be used without problems, from American shank to Euro shank.


Shank : Universal shank (Φ13.21, 5/100)
Shank total length: 40.5mm
Instrument side receiver : Measured from B&S MRP-C receiver (φ15.00, 5/100)
Material: Stainless steel (cut out round bar)

Made in Japan
Designed by Tubassdors

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¥18,600 tax included